Paraplegics walking again, blind people seeing; impoverished families being able to feed their children, give them medicine and an education. Cures both physical and societal - they're ALL possible, ALL within our reach.

How do we get there, how do we make it happen? The puzzle is one worth living for, its solution a dream so profound that even in imagining it, the relevance of so many of our everyday troubles seems to fade away, like the lament of small shadows before the promise of a resplendent dawn...

New Year at the New Cabin! :D

Happy Last Year on Earth, everyone!! ;D Well I haven't been online much of late...because I've been up HERE - the new family cabin! Building up my hemoglobin levels living at 4000 feet, pretending to be a wolf in the woods at night, that kinda thing. Can't ya just smell those sweet pines? ESPECIALLY the sugar pines - heck, they're even named for their sweetness!

Thank you again so much for all those amazing birthday wishes! I'm definitely enjoying being the same age as the guy in Tron ;) has everybody been lately??

Merry Christmas, dear friends :)

On this holiday celebrating the common spirit of benevolence that unites every one of us, I wish you all the happiness of the season and the New Year!
Remember...loved ones - family, friends, 2-legged and 4 - are the greatest gift in life, a warmth more resplendent than the warmest fireplace, a light that through all else, never grows dim.


And I must say, the indescribable feeling of euphoria and self-confidence that sweeps over you in the course of this infection is a delight indeed! (And look, they even have diagrams to show newbies like me how to USE the Seussian contraptions ;D)

...But what's this madness, only 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill before pooping out? Oh no no NO, that just won't do! But hey - a learning disability didn't stop me from going for a doctorate, a social phobia didn't stop me from becoming gregarious...and by Artemis, silly asthma's not going to stand in the way of my being an athlete!! Triathlons and bulging biceps, here I come *chugs vitamin water, towel wrapped around my neck - oh yeah, lookin' like a pro*

CHRISTMAS CAROLING-NESS - maketh hearts so merry!

Last night I was driving home, when I passed a group of friends singing Christmas songs out front shops and cafes in downtown Benicia. I screeched to a halt alongside the road and shouted out the window "Caroling are we?" to which they replied "Yeah, come join us!"...which I naturally did!

What followed was a wonderful night of spreading... the holiday cheer around town with an amazing group of cheerful new friends! At one nightclub, the band was even nice enough to accompany us with saxophone and all :D Another family joined our odyssey too - isn't that little kid just the cutest thing?

Thanks so much for such an awesome night you guys - and Happiest of Holiday wishes, one and all!!